NFL Combine Throwing Velocity

This chart displays the NFL Draft Combine throwing velocity of drafted quarterbacks from 2008-2016. I have placed the 2017 prospects at the right of the chart. Data is sourced from Ourlads.

Good or established as kind of decent quarterbacks are identified by red dots. The key takeaway is that quarterbacks with velocity below 54 mph have not encountered much success. Tyrod Taylor is marked as a possible outlier, but his success in the league has been limited and he is not considered anywhere near a top tier quarterback.

QB Combine Velocity Chart

Note that many highly-regarded quarterbacks do not throw at the combine, and so are not among the 82 quarterbacks plotted on this chart. I count seven quarterbacks who would be red dots on this chart but are left off because they did not throw:

  • Teddy Bridgewater
  • Derek Carr
  • Andrew Luck
  • Ryan Tannehill
  • Sam Bradford
  • Matt Stafford
  • Matt Ryan

Of these I would guess that Bridgewater and Bradford would be the only two likely to have thrown below 54mph. 33 drafted quarterbacks did not throw or were not at the combine.

There have been several quarterbacks with high recorded velocities at the combine, and we can see that teams to not always fall in love with big arms, or those with adequate velocities are correctly identified as flawed prospects and drafted in later rounds. However, the cluster of quarterbacks in the top left of the chart shows that the top-ranked quarterbacks generally have been ones with high throwing velocities. In fact, Christian Ponder is the only quarterback taken in the first round who did not throw at least 54 mph at the combine. Deshaun Watson would be the next.



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